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Welcome to the Kumba Paragliding Website. Come and experience the Bushveld, the huge height gains, great XC tasks, and of course, flying in thermals filled with Vultures and other birds of prey. Fly Thaba organizes Paragliding events in Thabazimbi and surrounds with the support of Kumba Iron Ore.



11 - 12 Nov 2006 KVP Cloudbusters fun Comp (Koning van Pretoria)

19 - 24 March 2007 SA Paragliding Nationals

10 - 18 April 2009 Kumba Paragliding Nationals

1 - 3 May 2009 Thabazimbi Expo Paragliding Tandem Flights

10-11 October 2009 KVP Cloudbusters fun Comp (Koning van Pretoria)


This steep north facing site, situated directly above the town is the perfect thermal generator. The height difference top to turkey is 400m, the Launch is at 1400m Asl, and the flatlands around are at approx 950 - 1000m Asl. The Turkey has a slight slope to it, is surrounded by low thorn trees, and it is recommended that pilots unfamiliar with the landing visit the landing area before their first flight from the site.

The Launch and the Turkey is Situated on Kumba Property, and is in an active iron ore mining area, so access is subject to more rules and regulations than the average paragliding site. It is essential that these rules are observed, as the Site will be lost if not! A thorough Site Briefing highlighting the important aspects of these rules will be held before accessing the property, and an indemnity and acknowledgement of these rules must be signed. A limited number of private 4x4 vehicles will be allowed to drive up the mountain, provided that they carry the maximum number of pilots up in each of them. Drivers of these vehicles will be required to view a driver safety video.

the Bushveld Inn

ThabaNkwe is situated approx 5km North of Thabazimbi just off the Lephalale (R510) on a Game Farm at 24°32'55.64"S 27°23'40.97"E. There is ample camping space and some chalets, as well as a great restaurant, bar, pool and Braai area. Registration will take place here from Thursday (9th April) in the Evening, as well as scoring every day after flying. The Prize Giving and closing Party on Saturday the 18th April will also be held at ThabaNkwe. It is essential to be here by 8am for mine induction and briefing on the 10th. Transport up the mountain departs from here at 09h30 every morning.


Most Pilots will be camping or staying in Chalets at ThabaNkwe.

If you need info on any other accommodation in or around Thabazimbi, or to make bookings, please contact Johan Muller of Thabazimbi Tourism at 083 770 9917 or email him at:


Also Contact Our Sponsored Establishments as listed below:

Tel: 014 7771376 / 014 7722244 / 0832690434

P O Box 533,
Thabazimbi, 0380
Tel: 082 893 4208
E-MAIL: liezie@montane.co.za

List of entries to date (17 April 2009)

  1. Alistair Stuart
  2. Anton Naude
  3. Basie Geldenhuys
  4. Charles Swart
  5. Chris van Noord
  6. Chrissi Drunk
  7. Cyril Mazibuko
  8. Damian Sykes
  9. Des Van Vuuren
  10. Desiree Pansi
  11. Duncan Kotze
  12. Dudley de Klerk
  13. Ettienne Fourie
  14. Fourie Grobler
  15. Francis Dudley de Klerk
  16. Francois Miog
  17. Gary Whitecross
  18. Gerhardus Combrinck
  19. Herman Lintvelt
  20. Jacques du Plessis
  21. James Braid
  22. James Day
  23. Jean van Niekerk
  24. Johannes Visagie
  25. Johan Wallis
  26. John Lugar
  27. Jon Pio
  28. Kevin Storie
  29. Khobi Bowden
  30. Linda Willemse
  31. Marinus Brenkman
  32. Neville Hullett
  33. Nico Hickley
  34. Paul Essakow
  35. Penny Frost
  36. Peter Van Droogenbroek
  37. Pieter Scholtz
  38. Roelof Wehmeyer Snr
  39. Roeloff Wehmeyer Jnr
  40. Russell Achterberg
  41. Ryan Mulholland
  42. Sean Whitecross
  43. Soon Joubert
  44. Stefaan Battheu
  45. Theuns Koekemoer
  46. Thomas Riedel
  47. Tracey King
  48. Urs Odermatt
  49. Waldo Minny
  50. Walter Neser
  51. Willem Deyzel


Site Rules, Regulations and behavior

Kumba Iron Ore Mine has granted us permission to access their property for this comp, and for flying in general. This Access is subject to many conditions, and the Site may be lost if they are not adhered to. These conditions will be given at the first pilots briefing at Thaba Nkwe on Friday morning (10th) at 08h30. A Summary follows here.

Transport Related Rules

  • Only Authorized Vehicles Allowed on Kumba property, and only on the road up and down the mountain.
  • All Persons including drivers, pilots and helpers must do the mine induction, and sign the Kumba indemnity.
  • No Smoking, except in designated area by toilet on launch. No smoking in Vehicles on road up to launch.
  • Headlights on, Seatbelts on, no talking on cell phone while driving, stop at all STOP signs.
  • No passengers on back of open pick-ups (bakkie).
  • Convoy leaves Thaba Nkwe at 09h30 daily, all vehicles to drive up and down in convoy.
  • All Drivers to attend drivers briefing at Thaba Nkwe at 09h20 on Friday 10th
  • Any person entering Kumba property may be subject to alcohol and drug testing, failing = no fly!!!!
  • No Standing in Road at Kumba Gate, this is a working mine, and we need to give way to mine personnel.
  • No pedestrian traffic (walking) on mine roads under any circumstances whatsoever, wait for retrieve!
  • No loud, lewd, rude or other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated, especially in the vicinity of mine personnel
  • Failure to comply to the above rules, comp rules and any other rules and regulation as laid out by Kumba, in the induction video, and elsewhere will lead to disqualification from the competition and banning from the site.

Download the Comp Rules: Thaba Comp Rules 2009.doc


List of the Major Sponsors of the Event

Kumba Iron Ore Main Event Sponsor

ThanaNkweMeet Center & Accommodation, Prizes

sky logo Prizes and T-Shirts

volvo logo Vehicles dumbe Prizes GradientPrizes

colgate logoPrizes Blue GravityPrizes Fly de AarPrizes

Bishops InnPort Elizabeth, Prizes Prizes



For further info contact Walter Neser at +27 765 939 849 or email at:


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